World News – Pompeo Improves Trump, and North Korea is at Risk of Nuclear

Secretary Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that North Korea had begun this month to have a nuclear threat in direct contradiction with President Trump’s requirements.

Pompeo is a subcommittee Senate appropriation committee, who had heard that Trump is “intending” to say that America has “lowered” North Korea’s nuclear threat when he tweeted the nuclear threat that there is “during North Korea.”

“I’m sure he’d wanted – we reduced the threat – said Pompeo, according to CNN.” I do not think there’s any doubt. ”

After returning from his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Yong, Trump announces two tweets North Korea is now a threat.

“Just landed – a long way, but now everyone can feel more secure than every day I took office,” – he wrote Trump on Twitter. “There is no nuclear threat in North Korea, meeting with Kim Jong-Yong has been an exciting and positive experience. There is a lot of potential for North Korea’s future!”

At the summit, the two leaders signed a document to grant United States debtor a guarantee of safety in exchange for an unspecified Korean nuclear weapons peninsula.

Critics say the document was unclear and how North Korea is planning to move closer to freeing nuclear but did not provide enough information.

In the Pompeo hearing, North Korea declined to provide additional information on the demand of US.

“I am not ready to talk about the details of the discussions happening – he said – I think that it is inappropriate and reversed to the last state, which we reach to achieve” hope. Will be for

The report took place after the hearing revealed that the infrastructure for the North Korea nuclear research facility had been improved.

Defense Minister James Matis last week said that he did not “know” North Korea also said to take any steps to free the atom that the Pentagon is still “at the beginning” of the process.

“Have not started elaborate talks,” – he told reporters. “I would not expect this at the moment.”


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