A US Border Security Chief says that he has temporarily stopped the lawsuit against immigrants who entered the country illegally with children.

Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Kevin McLennan told reporters in Texas that criminal charges had been suspended last week.

He said that it was called to end migrant family contacts after President Donald Trump’s last weekend order.

But Mr. Trump suggested that families will be put together.

The President of the Republic bowed in public pressure on Wednesday, signed his order to “keep the family together” in the custody of migrants.

Mr. McLenan claimed that Trump’s “zero tolerance” strategy still exists, although the commissioner’s leadership on his agents leaves the undefined politics.

The chief of the CBP said that if parents do not intend to separate them from their children, then parents are not allowed to stay in an adult jail.

He said that his agency and the Ministry of Justice should know how to track their parents without dividing their children, the Associated Press report.

The Border Officer’s decision paves the way back to the Obama administration’s approach to US immigration measures.

This means that US Border Agents will stop giving unregistered immigrants with an adult, children, an appeal court and will allow it to go their own way, rather than detain them in custody.

Mr. Trump repeatedly complained about this “grip and release” policy before separating him from his administration to prosecute adult immigrants and discourage their children to discourage border parishes.

On Monday, White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said that the reality is that America does not have to store all unregistered families crossing the US-Mexico border.

He told reporters, “We do not change politics.” “We do not have resources.”

Mr. Trump had earlier said that America requires a “simple, simple system to work.”

“We need a system, where people come illegally, they have to leave,” he said.

The Pentagon confirmed on Monday that two military bases in Texas would be used as temporary camps to accommodate immigrants.

But Defense Minister Jim Matisz did not specify whether facilities – Fort Bliss and the Goodfellow Air Force Base – will support families migrating simultaneously.

Before this, the American media said that as a basis, migrant families will be used to host, and secondly – for children entering the United States without adults.

Meanwhile, the American Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced robust immigration on Monday at a school police conference in Reno, Nevada.

America’s top legal representative said that to refuse to prosecute illegal immigrants in America “would be bad for the people of this country.”

He told the crowd that ineffective border enforcement “will encourage more adults to attract more children illegally.”

However, he also said that the Trump Administration “will do everything in our power, which will not divide families.”
What’s new in migrant families?

The government has not met with more than 2,000 parents of children who have been taken last month and sent to storage cells, converted godowns, tents desert or a parent family around the US.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Monday demanded a federal court order in San Diego, California, to prevent unregistered immigrant parents to separate the administration from their children.

He said that “Trash” is included to eliminate Mr. Trump’s separation.

There was much information about parents in the documents of the ACLU court, which the frontline officers did not find their children after separation or did not contact them.

In a statement deposited with a briefing, the mother is only zero tolerance. Identifies the first identity of that the government had informed him that when he applied for asylum, he would get it again with his son.


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