West Columbia, SC – President Trump closed on Monday evening, Republicans voted for Governor Henry McMaster in Tuesday’s election in the South Carolina, conservatives warned that if the governor loses his failure, rest on the chairman who came to see.

Mr. Trump joined a gym full of supporters of one of the high profile supporters of a comfortable high school very soon, and he said that the mastermind would depict the defeat as a sign of media weakness.

“They say that Donald Trump had to face a major defeat in the great South Carolina state, if there was an abusive defeat for Donald Trump, then vote your back tomorrow”, – he said for applause.

Mr. McMaster failed to win a majority in the Republican City Hall this month and John Warren, stuck in a competitive race with the first candidate and ancient sea. 39 years of age group, Mr. Warren later joined the campaign, but after catching up, he made a series of attacks, the state’s capital, which was surrounded by the investigation, with the status quo policy, Mr. McMaster 71 Adding corruption. Trump says that on the eve of the century, the voter is on the head of the governor of South Carolina.

Mr. Trump decided that the decision was a risky step in implementing himself as a race for a few hours before the inauguration of elections, which some leaders could not accept, but as he explained, he Mr. McMaster paid his debt.

The President reminded potential voters that Mr. McMaster was a loyal supporter “from the beginning” – “he was with me after the defeat of nine people,” unlike those people.

But the president said the 17 months the governor’s small occupation says problems have been done for the state since the decision of South Carolina, and Mr. McMaster, a little office, Nikki Haley R, that Mr. Trump appointed the United Nations Ambassador.

Mr. Trump has not shown any sensitivity to one of the largest state employers of BMW, complaining that the EU “sends us BMW.”

He said that skill, resistance, tightness, and gentlemen gave testimony to the Governor, welcomed his wife and Mr. McMaster allowed to take a moment to glorify the hands of the President.

Summoning the summer storm that incident and delaying the event more than an hour, the airplane in the sky more than the capital city of South Carolina, Mr. McMaster, Mr. Trump, while expressing happiness, said that once the Air Force landed, “of Real nature power was obtained from the plane. ”

Like him, he is, however, 58 minutes of Mr. Trump’s address will not be used to make fun of his opponents, making his statement in 2016, and explaining that his presidency is growing bigger.

As a program of Mr. McMaster, the President also spoke on Tuesday night as a person on the ballot, his humiliation for Jimmy Fallen, owner.

His wife also has links with health status. Mr. Trump dismissed the suggestion that the first woman had had plastic surgery or left it. And he assured the crowd that his hair was related. (The oratory started with a question: “Does anyone wear a scalp here?”)

Advance Carolina Catskills in the field of advance- were members of the whole course, that is expected to crowd the crowd – and answer some personal standards from the one end of the court, “block” and handle many round emotional bowl media “build a wall” basketball.

If Mr. McMaster was worried about the underlying and centric speech of the tram, they did not show it. When Mr. Trump concluded, the governor returned to the stage, with his stamp path, shone his palm and shook him.

The fact is that Mr. Trump came to all – weather resistant, who ridiculed him: “I have not traveled long in South Carolina” – this was a great political game.

Mr. Trump Steam Room Basketball Court The 11:00 journey of the suburban is almost wholly meant to go back, Honestly Mr. McMaster, although the President cannot notice the slightest situation, jokingly “I said,” Henry, I do not work Play Hall ”

Without voting in Congress and South Carolina, the governor cannot do much for the president, in the Republican column in the presidential election.

And Mr. Trump had proved to be useful for dealing with his opponents, while before he was burned when he tried to put some other candidates, the question is that raising the popularity among the Republican voters.

He went to Alabama and Pennsylvania, congressional candidates only to convince conservative voters to give their favorite candidates trying to increase their party’s candidates in the special election.

But Mr. McMaster is one of the first elected Republican states in the country that Mr. Trump has approved, even before making the first vote of the Iowa 2016 campaign.

And the governor of the White House officials jointly voted for the campaign officials to assure them that Mr. McMaster is an excellent opportunity to win, Republicans, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, to discuss private negotiations.

Recently, he is at a high political level. This month, the state legislature, Kathy Arrington, Mark Sanford removed Republican mayor, while said that the experienced legislator was not sufficiently loyal to the president. Mr. Trump supported Mrs. Arrington on the election day, and then repeatedly slandered Mr. Sanford, even a Republican meeting in the House of Representatives. (Mr. Sanford was not there)

And Mr. Trump did not receive comments before enjoying Sanford’s loss on Monday, Monday, noting that he was not a “big fan.” (The president, however, failed in his speech, instead of “Appalachian Trail” The Tallahassee “Marg,” referring to the tremendous false excuse, Mr. Sanford, the governor used to cover extramarital affairs.)

Rally for Sir Mr. McMaster The governor had a second trump administration in recent times. Vice President Mike Pence joined Mr. McMaster near Myrtle Beach on Saturday, urging Republicans to get the governor’s loyalty towards the President.

His last stop was in Mr. Trump’s journey. He was in Nevada on Saturday and will be in North Dakota on Wednesday. He said that the Congress, whose moderate Republicans and the conservatives are happy to embrace the heat from their most prominent supporters in comparison to trying to promote the law through competition between the two sides.

After reaching the 46th minute of his comments, he told the audience that he had prepared a table-soul script. “It does not bother you, and I have not used them all night, right?” He asked.


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