As I mentioned, this news about the importance of sleep and its sudden decline.

You have a lot of questions about how some of these people can sleep like a cow.

What is quality sleep?

How to sleep well You can find the answer at the end of this blog.

First, I note that not everyone gets the same sleep. Please do not generalize that everyone should have 6 hours. His time varies from one person to another. One person can get 4 hours of quality sleep and another person can spend 10 hours without quality sleep, which will not cure his emotional bruises and restore his operating system.

Sleeplessness Effects
Sleeplessness Effects

What is quality sleep?

Quality Sleep is the key to effective and safe sleep. 30 seconds of sleep is better than 1 hour.

Quality VS time:

When comparing the quality and duration of sleep, the best way is a good and effective way in a short period of time and revitalizes a person.

Disturbed sleep:

In general, we work during the day and sleep at night. If there is a sudden decrease, this will disrupt the sleep cycle. Sleep imbalances can cause people to feel sleepy during the day.


Lack of sleep can make you physically ill and cause fatigue in your body. Makes you weak and depressed. It can cause headaches and loss of appetite.

Emotional imbalance:

People who suffer from insomnia do not have emotional balance, which can easily irritate them and cause them to feel more restless.

The crash was cancelled:

Without the quality of sleep at night, the eyelid closes our eyes, but we cannot do so because of our daily routine. People tend to sleep near traffic lights so that other people and their colleagues can have 2 wheels and 4 wheels.

Low productivity and creativity:

Sleep deprivation produces low productivity and creativity. There will be a constant decrease in concentration, which will cause irritation to small problems.

Causes of serious health problems:

Lack of sleep leads to serious health risks such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, paralysis, diabetes and low blood sugar. Those who live such a lie often fall sick with sleeplessness. I would advise you to consult the right medical consultant. Until they get used to this habit of sleep deprivation.


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