Do you think you eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day? Are you below the recommended healthy level for most people?

The American Dietary Association says we should eat because fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Phytochemicals are found in fruits and vegetables. These phytochemicals help maintain health and prevent disease. Scientific evidence shows that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of cancer and prevents heart disease. Whether you run a weight loss program or maintain your current weight, fruits and vegetables are an important part of your diet, because consuming some calories is nutritious.

How do you want to do this because it is now marketed with the idea of ​​eating more fruits and vegetables? The following is a list of ways to incorporate some of these healthy foods into your daily diet.

1. Smoothie:
Smoothies can have more than one fruit at a time. It is a great way to increase the results you need. Of course, they don’t eat much. Add banana, orange, raspberry or cherry, add some milk or fat yogurt, add ice until smooth.

2. Find your resources:
Make a mental statement of the number of servings you receive daily. Plan meal plans at meals.

3. Make a better sandwich:
Add roasted tomatoes, beans, peppers, and cucumbers to your sandwich.

4. Try something different:
Are you tired of eating apples all the time? Try cooking German with cinnamon. Or how to buy apples? What about dried apples if you don’t want apples?

5. Download your freezer:
Frozen fruits and vegetables are good for your health and it is easy to worry about premature damage. Keep some frozen vegetable bags or add them to your meal.

6. Make soup with your vegetables:
Chicken soups, minestrone, and gazpacho are stuffed with vegetables. You can make your soup with fresh produce. The leftovers of the next day can be consumed.

7. Fry your vegetables:
Mix fresh or frozen vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, beans and water chestnuts, add roast chicken breast and top with rice. This is a quick and healthy treatment.

8. Add vegetables if available:
Look for ways to add more vegetables while cooking. For example, why not add spinach to your lasagna meat? Adding a vegetable mix to the soup?

9. Take with you:
Buy a bag of bananas or dried fruits, such as bedding, and store in your bag, at school, or the company.

10. Shopping Center:
A quick cup can help you find one or two pieces. You can keep the drinks in a bowl for a healthy snack.

11. Use fruits and vegetables ahead of time:
Eat orange juice and apple juice for breakfast. Then give a spinach salad with tomatoes and mushrooms for dinner. By doing so, you have exceeded the minimum requirements.


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