Nature is amazing, but it doesn’t last much longer. Did you know that some of the most common species of birds are reduced at a high rate, species such as songbirds and sparrows are declining, so that in ten years the species that the bird can exist? The decline has also been observed in some of the most common species of wild birds, such as the Robo and the blue breasts.

So what can we do? Thus, to begin the pet maintenance control test, about 55 million birds were killed by domestic cats in a single year. Placing a bell over them can help keep birds at least alert when they are about to attack. Nobody wants to see a lot of feathers on the lawn, which is usually a bad sign. About 25% of our bird population grows in our gardens, what we can do to improve this number and reduce cat attacks is the availability of birdhouses in our gardens. Also known as birdhouses or nest boxes, they provide a safe nesting environment, which leads to an improved survival rate for young birds and also helps keep birds away. Predators.

Providing feed through bird feeders is an excellent way to feed the birds. It will attract a variety of birds to your garden, which is a wonderful place for birds to sing. One tip is to give the birds different types of food so you can attract different species and try to keep the food as high as possible, not only for the birds to see it better but also for predators trying to steal food. eats or attacks birds while eating. Birdbaths are also great for drinking fresh, clean water for birds; In winter, all major water sources can freeze; therefore, birds that find drinking water are more important than ever. To prevent water from freezing in the birdbath, try to place it near the garden lighting, a source of heat that will help keep the water warm so that it does not melt. It is also possible to place a light ball in the birdbath so that it can float in the wind; This will release the entire birdbath and leave little water available for the birds. You can also pour hot water into the birdbaths once a day to melt ice, which is probably the easiest solution. Thus, ensuring that the birds have a good supply of food and water, they will enter your garden and keep your population growth, rather than falling.


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