The active movement involves engaging in low-intensity exercises after completing high-intensity activities and high energy. An example of this would be a low-intensity bicycle after running 26 miles. It seems to be ahead, because the body needs rest, but it certainly is not. If our bodies die like marijuana; We can reduce the risk of inflammation and help ensure proper blood flow to recovery. Another example is our daily vacation schedule. This may seem like a long walk, but spend between 30 and 60 minutes a day on a previous record. A person can run four days a week, but on active service days they can go up, take a yoga class, or use a foam roller.

Our body needs to relax and relax from our habits. When we change habits, we allow the body to function properly and to heal. For example, a spinal cord must rest after a wound. Water can be a negative exercise and recovery exercise for exercise. Using a pool to swim is a way to change our habits. It is important to allow the muscles to do what our body does and not to get hurt. Also, users of foam rollers can often use the tool for the technique as it can prevent injuries. Choice is often overlooked, but it is carefully adjusted because everything is available.

Caring about cross-training without a positive recovery. They are two different, but the main difference is that learning activities can be strengthened. Interventions for positive recovery may be less intense. This is because they need muscle relaxation and recovery. The cross trainer can operate and adjust at the same intensities on different days. It is important to try to minimize it daily and remember that they are recovering from the major activities under consideration. In my view, this exercise should be lighter and less difficult.

In short, I think we all choose activities that require a lot of energy. Our daily worship cannot be completely silent. Choosing less intense activities can help our body in the healing process.


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