MAB 1300 starts large number of four magnetic exercises to be free in the steel / shipbuilding market. Steel construction and construction markets are difficult to please for heavy magnetic drilling machines for years. However, Morse’s largest 1800W three cylinder model is not yet available, the mobile variable was not ready to meet the growing demand of huge magnetic drilling machine.

It has taken many years to develop a machine that can drill not only the giant hole with a quality core drill, however, it is possible for the builders to use their furnished torque drill up to a diameter of 1-13 / 16. Will also give. “(46 mm). The 2300-watt jumping motor is specially designed to cope with the fast weight of a magnetic drill stand (manufactured by BDS Mascinen Germany) by Ibnestock (Germany) and the huge core drill. And / or torsion drill.The engine is specially adjusted for the low speed required, the oil filled with oil, which makes the gear resistant to wear, this machine is the second generation She makes a part of the drilling machines. These second generation machines have been designed to last longer and are designed to exchange goods and equipment Extraordinarily strong, this type of machine is manufactured can do.

Magnetic Drilling Machine

Fe Powertools core drill and magnetic drilling machine (Netherlands) were the main to present this machine. Dutch, who were known for their manufacturing qualities, tested this machine severely and kept it to be appropriate and added value to its existing machinery park. With the weight of its normal dimensions and only fifty five kilograms, this machine can still be considered as a transportable device. MAB 1300 is accessible in 110V and 230V.

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