Entertainment News – Jackson, Michael’s Father, and Janet Jackson, Dead at age 89

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, and Janet Jackson and Jackson 5’s motivator, died at the age of 89. In the case of Jackson, Carlos Jackson’s case, Tito Jackson confirmed Jackson’s death. It is said that mythological parents and music manager fought with terminal cancer.

The source of the Jackson Family told Entertainment Tonight that the family vice-president was admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer on Friday in Las Vegas. The source also said that he had fought with cancer for some time, and the doctors told the family that there was limited time before his life and the disease could not be cured.

His Twitter account was written Sunday on a mysterious Sunday, in which it was said, “I have seen how much sunlight I have seen or whether the sun rises when you come or not.

However, Paris Jackson later wrote on Twitter that her grandfather did not tweet and said: “My grandfather did not write it. I’m not sure that he has used this account.”

Jackson who has fought his health in recent years. In 2016, he was admitted to the hospital after a significant fever, and in 2015 he was admitted to the hospital after a stroke.

Jackson developed a Jackson 5 career, then Michael’s solo career and Janet Jackson. Although his children accused his father of controversial misconduct, he cited Michael’s allegations: “I have never defeated him.” I killed him with a stick and belt. I never hit him. You beat someone with a stick “Jackson had a complicated relationship with his troubled son. People who knew that Michael had said that he had come closer after becoming the father of Michael III, but when the King of Pop died, he had his father Away from him.

Tito Jackson’s son Young Taj Jackson said, “Those who loved our real family, and our hearts are suffering, we will tolerate without negligence.” RepeatHok on Twitter

Randy Jackson’s son Grando Randy Jackson wrote on Twitter: “RIP for the King who made everything possible! I love you, Grandpa.


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