Some swanky cars, a glossy video, a lot of hip-hop and our very own Urban Pendu, Diljit Dosanjh – what happens when we mix all these ingredients? We get a foot-tapping number “High End”. The latest from this Punjabi sensation will look like something we’ve seen before, but it is special for one particular reason. Diljit has brought out his fan-boy side for Kylie Jenner in this song. The singer-turner-Bollywood actor might be awaiting the release of his latest film Welcome To New York, but that hasn’t stopped him from dedicating the first song from his new album CON.FI.DEN.TIAL to his celebrity crush Jenner. This we know when he makes a reference to her and her elder sister Kim Kardashian in the lyrics.

Diljit has been loud and clear about his love for Kylie Jenner. From talking about her in his various interviews to writing her posts on social media and even sharing photos to announce his adulation publicly, Diljit has done everything that a fan does. And if the youngest Kardashian sister hasn’t taken note of his one-sided adorable love as yet, we are sure this song would do the needful.

The three-minute video begins with Diljit getting off a private jet and heading for an interview where he leaves the presenter smitten. Most part of the visuals are a typical Punjabi song with addictive beats. But it is Diljit’s electrifying screen presence and his typical singing style that is making it the Punjabi song of the season. The song has already crossed 3 million views on YouTube, only proving why Diljit is everyone’s favourite.

Watch | High End Video | CON.FI.DEN.TIAL

Apart from Welcome To New York opposite Sonakshi Sinha, Diljit has Soorma and Sajjan Singh Rangroot lined up in the coming months.


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