Food poisoning is common. This year, 76 million people in the United States are suffering. There are many causes of food poisoning. The most common causes of this disease are bacteria, chlamydia, and chlamydia. Viruses and parasites. Each person has different characteristics and characteristics. There are different details, such as start and duration. But there are some similarities.

Diarrhea and abdominal discomfort are common features of people suffering from this disease. Symptoms related to bacterial food poisoning may include general incontinence or headache. Symptoms last longer than any other in food poisoning caused by parasites. Symptoms can change in food poisoning.

Symptoms are usually mild and the condition is usually not medically necessary. If you have any severe symptoms, including bleeding, consult your doctor or get emergency help. It is also important to increase the number of fluids you eat. It helps your body become toxic and fight dehydration caused by diarrhea.

The poison in your case will be the poison, the poison, and the poison. If fish or poison is present, seek medical attention immediately. These patterns can lead to severe symptoms. Likewise, if you have conditions, you may need medical help. People with immune problems are among them. This includes people who have been immune to chemotherapy. Others are young and old.

You should eat at companies you know to avoid food poisoning. Also, try to avoid food for more than five minutes at room temperature. If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, Cook well before using other products.

If symptoms continue for two to three days, you should consult your doctor. As mentioned above, there are many causes of chronic food poisoning, but some require medical treatment.


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