Recently, green tea has gained a lot of attention in the West because of its health properties. This is not surprising for people in Asian countries such as China and Japan who have benefited from the health benefits of green tea for over 4,000 years.

However, many companies have become interested in these beverages for their health benefits and have created a number of related supplements. Sometimes these companies make false claims about the health effects of their products.

What kind of tea is better?

There are 3 types of tea:

Black tea leaves are formed by air, heat, milk and light.
Green tea leaves are steamed or heated to prevent oxidation.
Oolong Tea – Untreated for instant black tea, but more than green tea

Green tea is not as oxidised as other teas and leads to less fermentation and treatment, which usually has high antioxidant levels and other beneficial health benefits. However, there are different types of you and the amount of antioxidants in the end product depends on how, where and when they are collected.

What are the main benefits of green tea?

Because this type of tea contains many natural antioxidants called “polyphenols”, it offers many health benefits.

There is no doubt that green tea has many benefits, but there is not enough scientific research to show that all benefits are undeniable. Depending on your opinion on Chinese traditional scientific medicine, some of the following may be considered as potential benefits.

Health benefits include:

Lower cholesterol levels
Helps in weight loss
Celium reduces the risk of cancer
Diabetes contributes to the stability of diabetes
Slow ageing
Cure healthy bacteria
Benefits for oral and dental health
It heals the skin

It is the same catechin that provides all this productive tea. Antioxidants in the finished product can eliminate and neutralize dangerous (oxidative) radicals in the body. In a modern, polluted environment, people are more susceptible to free radicals.

Another benefit is the ability to increase the body’s metabolism, which accelerates fat oxidation – which contributes to weight loss.

How much tea should I drink?

Most studies have shown that you should drink about 3 glasses a day to get enough antioxidants to achieve the health benefits described above.

Where should I buy green tea?

Don’t buy cheap tea at the supermarket. It is usually cultivated in imperfect condition and has fewer health benefits. Buy loose tea at speciality coffee / tea shops or online. These people are experts and understand different varieties.


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