There are many things that can cause back pain. Often, poor daily habits are what cause you to return.

If you have back pain regularly or need to take precautions to prevent back pain, try to avoid these five harmful techniques.

1. Waiting too long:
The inadequate sitting can also exclude the spinal cord and compress the adjacent parts of the spinal cord. The long sitting can loosen your back muscles and can be easily adjusted. It can also reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscle cells. In addition, it adjusts the spinal cord to the spine, which means that the back muscles must maintain the shape of the spine.

2. Lift the wrong papers:
Lifting things that do not work properly increases stress and can cause muscle cramps, cell damage or, in extreme cases, minor injuries. To avoid this, use your bulging muscles intensely when lifting heavy objects; If possible, ask someone to help you. When it comes to dumbbells, it can help you strengthen your back, as long as it is done properly and with the proper training and support.

3. The wrong way:
Poor posture is one of the most important causes of back pain, but also one of the most devastating. The last bad habits change the bio-mechanics of your body.The increased pressure on the lower back due to the modified bio-mechanics can cause tension in the spine. Exercising and maintaining a healthy body condition is important to avoid serious health problems.

4. Stay fat:
Obese people are at higher risk of back pain. Obesity contributes to the risk of spinal and spinal cord injury and puts additional stress on the spine. With too much pressure in the middle, the pelvis is pulled forward, tearing the lower back and causing more problems and medical problems. The center of gravity and weight will change. This dance will quickly pull your body and grind your back. This change will give your body a more natural shape which, in turn, can cause pain and other back problems.

5. Smoking:
Smoking can affect the part of the brain that deals with emotional stimuli and the basic understanding of pain; Tobacco affects how the brain transmits its pain signals. Smoking our lower back organs can also be damaged in different parts of the body by reducing blood circulation and reducing nutrient flow to muscles and muscles. Getting rid of these bad habits can help you reduce back pain. In addition, incorporating good habits into your daily life can add value. It can be done through a regular exercise and a good exercise.


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